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05-28-2012, 12:41 AM
I too lose SO to NJD
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Originally Posted by Saugus View Post
Gomez was a much better playmaker than Henrique, with better vision. He wasn't a goal scorer. Henrique is, he has much better hands in tight than Gomez did. Henrique also plays much more physical than Gomez ever did.
A few similarity's. I think Henrique will be the overall better player.

Originally Posted by BrodeursCups View Post
I really REALLY hate gomez, but there was a time when he was a player. Dude had speed to burn and sick vision. It's somewhat sad he rolled out for the bigger payday.

I fully expect the Habs to buy him out and him to try get back into the devils organization. Problem is we have Zajac/Henrique/JAJO down the middle and have no room for him.
Yeah we have absolutely no use for him. You know when I would have wanted him back? When we had no faceoff depth whatsoever when YaYo, and Zajac were out.

This is also IGNORING the fact he had a $7.5 million dollar cap hit, and pretending he had like less than a million dollar cap hit, and not 2 more years remaining on his contract. Faceoffs were the only thing I noticed he still seemed decent at.

He would have also been great centering the 4th line had we not gotten Little Gio for the playoffs. Once again this is pretending he had a LOW salary. I couldn't justify paying him more than what Sykora was paid, and Sykora was a BARGAIN. Not after all that **** he pulled on this last contract, and being a complete, and total bust. That's Sather's fault, and whoever was in charge in Montreal at the time for agreeing to that trade. He didn't absolutely suck yet when he got to Montreal, but he was GROSSLY OVERPAID for what he was. Someone will still pay him $2 million this season. Any team that gives him $2 million unless it's a team close to the cap floor like the Islanders, or Colorado is making a really stupid move.

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