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05-28-2012, 08:10 AM
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I know alot of guys don't wear them, but this may change a few minds...

4 weeks ago at full speed and about 10-15 feet from the end boards myself and their dman got tangled up going for the puck and both lost our footing. I hit the boards at full speed with him right behind driving me in. Snap...broken right collarbone and out 12 weeks, missed work etc. I was wearing Bauer one40's with the caps removed so basically nothing. This was a non contact mens league game.

Some guys can get away without them. I'll never play without a good pair again. I think it depends on several factors.

1) How hard do you play? A bit reckless, dive for pucks, always engaged in contact even in a no check league, etc.

2) Speed. The faster you are the higher the impact if something goes wrong, tripped, lose edge, goalie poke check etc.

3) Build. The bigger/heavier guys have 2 things that make them less prone to injury. They are usually going slower and have more muscle and/or fat cushioning the impact. I'm 6'2" 175 and i feel everything.

If you have played for years without them with no consequence your probably ok. I'm not built like a brick shthouse, play way harder than i should, and have too much speed to not wear a decent shoulder pad.

Reebok 7k's even in pickup from now on.

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