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05-28-2012, 10:53 AM
Tony D63
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Chris Kreider next season

I remember when we drafted this kid, I was excited. Watching (well hearing, couldn't watch the games) him devolope over the years in BC was great. The kid grew from his draft year from 6'1" to 6'3", a absolute tank weighing near 230! Then finally watching him play for the Rangers in the playoffs! He didn't play one regular season game what so ever. Came up straight up from playing in BC winning a nation title, to going to the playoffs and EFC in the NHL and being a huge success with us scoring 5 big goals. Kid is going to be a stud!

The reason why I made this thread is because going into next season his confidence should be through the roof. Going straight into the NHL is pretty tuff, but going straight into the playoffs in clutch situations with tons of pressure for a 21 year old rook is mind blowing. Going into the regular season should be much easy, less pressure and will have tons of confidence.

I don't like to make my expectations very high but I expect a big year from Chris.

What do you expect Chris Kreider to do next year in his rookie season?

My expectations:
82 GP
30 goals
25 assists
55 points

Rookie of the year nominee. Yakapov taking the award.

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