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05-28-2012, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Baby Punisher View Post
I'm not being dramatic. My seats were section 104 row 1. I had the asile. We were relocated to 119 no asile & no leg room at all, & massive ticket hikes to boot. I hate it.
Originally Posted by broadwayblue View Post
I have to think that will be the best part of the entire renovation. Raising every seat up about 10 feet and forward by almost the same well as increasing the pitch should make the upper level a much more enjoyable experience for everyone who sits there. Really the only* downsides I can see are wider sections (making getting to and from your seats more of a nuisance), and the fact that you will need to take the escalators to get between the upper/lower bowls (should you want to.) But for you and I and anyone else sitting towards the front of the new upper bowl this should be a minor inconvenience compared to not having to deal with the distraction of people walking around the concourse in front of us any longer. But really, the view should be improved for everyone. Can't wait for opening night!
Yeah have to agree on the legroom in the lower bowl, they really f'd that up. Not so much in the new 300s from last summer, so we'll see how the rest of the upper bowl turns out

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