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05-28-2012, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by AfroThunder396 View Post
Isn't the career-threatening concussion punishment enough?
When most contact with a head is prohibited, players tend to have less awareness for their safety. It may and will lead to more injuries. As we all saw this year, the amount of concussions and questionnable hits is still very formidable - it's partly because players put themselves into vulnerable positions knowing that a hit to the head will be illegal. But it doesn't mean that illegal hit won't happen. Now, if it will be not only risky but also costly for your team, players will have to be aware.

Who exactly is going to replace these "talentless players who can't stick handle"? How do you find the puck when you can't look down to find it? What about all the hits to the head that happen while a player is looking up in an opposite direction? Savard wasn't looking down when Cooke ended his career.
I don't think the NHL will have hard time replacing Zac Rinaldo etc. It may take longer than a few days, but in the end this type of players will simply be extinct. There used to be times when many NHLers had average skills and compensated it with size, holding and hooking.

If a player gets caught admiring his pass (think Stevens-Kariya if no interference), it should also be a penalty, good point.
If it's a blindsider, interference or any hit not being a good check on a player watching his skates, no penalty of course. It only applies to players who aren't looking where are they skating.

Originally Posted by BarberioTheBarbarian View Post
Stupid rule bud. How about all contact to the head no matter what is illegal, straight out of the lacrosse rule book.
So everybody will skate head-down? It will be really hard to play to bodycheck on the NHL rinks with players being that big. I think all accented hits to the head should be called (KHL style), but all no matter what doesn't sound good.

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