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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Dudley is very much a seen-him-good, athleticism-uber-alles sort of guy who strikes me as having a very traditional, old-school view of the game and how to build a team. It's hard to pin Bergevin given that he has so little track record, but if he was Dudley's protege and hired him so quickly one would think he shares that view.

The Habs ideally need someone to bring the innovative, new-school, analytical view of the game that's in use in places like Boston, Pittsburgh, San Jose and (especially) Vancouver. I don't think having just traditionalists cuts it anymore.

Mind you, it's hard to tell, because most of those guys have so little in the way of track record. Dudley's the only one that has a body of work we can refer to, but judging by his comments about the Leafs... well, if he wasn't just being nice for the media (and he may have been), IMO the Habs are going to need a balancing voice.
Totally agree with this. This was my one question-mark in evaluating all of the GM candidates, and part of the reason I slightly favoured Pierre Mcguire for the post. Granted, there is not any telling reason to suspect Mcguire to be any less old-school than Bergevin might turn out to be.

I really hope the front office will incorporate an innovative approach to managing the Habs going forward. We'll be left in the dust if we don't.

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