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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
At various points this season, especially on this board, I've seen the Rangers depth be commended time and time again. Personally, I had a problem with it then and I still have a problem with it, considering lack of depth is what eventually ended this team's run.

The defense, while the least of this team's problems, still lacks considerable depth. McDonagh, Staal, and Girardi are as solid as they come. Del Zotto is a wildcard as Im not completely sold on his mental toughness. The third pairing was rescued by Anton Stralman, but still needed to choose between Bickel and Eminger. Thats not depth - its top heavy, and the opposite of depth.

On offense, its far, far worse. This is a team that went 19 straight playoff games without scoring more than 3 goals. It was only a matter of time before their offensive shortcomings (and lack of depth) became exposed. Its almost poetic justice that it came at the hands of a team that rolled 4 lines, and possessed a 4th line capable of scoring big and timely goals. Could anyone imagine the Prust - Mitchell - Rupp combo contributing in such a manner? Or even the 3rd line? Or even the second line at times?

The first step is admitting this team has a depth problem, which may be difficult for several people. The second step is figuring out what can be done about it.
Wow, the truth shall set us realistic Ranger's fans free! Well done pal.
There is a propensity on this forum to
1) Overrate our prospects
2) Overrate the players we have on
our present roster.

If it wasn't obvious before or during the season(and it wasn't as I had countless battles with many fans who post here about Maryanne Gaborik, Michael Del Zaster, Brad Dubinsky and others), it should be crystal clear now after about as weak, lackluster and lackadaisical performance by a team in going 10-10 in their trip to the ECF.

That being said, what the hell do we do about it. Our crackerjack general manager will be entering his 12th year at the helm(mind boggling as it may seem) and we have developed "One Lousy Superstar" (Hank) under his reign and one possible superstar to be(McDonagh) in a good trade that he made. Have we drafted better the past 5+ years? Yes.
Are we doing better developing young talent? Yes.

However, we still have many holes to fill up front in order to make this team bigger, tougher, grittier with more offensive skill and much tougher to play against in the playoffs.

Now it's up to the senile old man Savior to get off his ass and figure it all out while the Devils(our main rival who didn't make the playoffs last year) go for their 4th Stanley Cup in 17 years while we wallow in failure.

Kind of brings out the hostilities in you, don't it??

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