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05-28-2012, 03:09 PM
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I still personally don't think shoulder pads are needed, but when the going gets rough, its nice insurance to have

last Friday, in pick up game over at our local leasure center rink, some tool comes out and from the get-go plays like a dick

I know just about everybody else there, and this was the only guy who was being "over the top"
beaking people, always taking the body on free pucks...

I wheel the puck down the wing to the corner, I look for a pass and in the meantime, protect the puck with my body...
he take a few steps and just boards me...

I'm fine, I get up, the puck is on the otherside of the ice, so I skate around the net towards the net...

in the meanwihle, the guy gets the puck back and fires it right at me, and catches me on the clavicle, giving me a slightly seperated shoulder

I turn and was like WTF was that?
he's like, I hope it caught you in the neck

I was like WHAT?...
he went off saying I speared him in the play earlier...
I was like F' U, this isn't contact, how am I supposed to know you were going to charge me into the boards, I wasn't prepared asshat

he felt bad, but regardless... what a dick move, and my buddy took a solid run at him pretty much right after and he decided to leave the game

my arm was sore for the rest of the game, and I decided to put my pads back on to protect it from further damage...
yes a SP would've protected me in this situation, but this was a deliberate dick move to injure me, and a SP would've just happen to have been there in this case, not an actual hockey play

I played yesterday with a buncha guys who are currently pro's in the ECHL, A, Germany, and a couple ex... and it was a clean game, but where just because of the competitiveness and body contact, Pads just helps you bounce back or allows you to push back when being played off the puck etc...
one of the pro's was taken out by the goalie's stick on the rush and slammed into the boards cause he didn't let go of his stick...

its all relative to the pace and physicality of the game

if I were to play some super low level league... the only added protection I'd wear would be a cage from all the high sticks, and ditch the pads
if I am playing in a high level league where the ref's allow contact (without intent to injure) oh yea the SP's come on

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