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05-28-2012, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Perro View Post
Kings fan here, came over to your board to see what your thoughts were of the Flyers WEst/ Oilers South Kings team.
Look fairly split. I am a little surprised by all the Carter hate. Yes te guy always seems to have more to give then he does, but he definately did not want to leave Philly so that should be worth a point or two to the Philly fans shouldn't it?
Anyway I cannot see the results of the poll without voting, but do not want to vote as I don't want to skew the results. can someone tell me what the poll is sitting at?
No points for nothin. we made moves cause we made it too the finals and lost and then a year later carter and richards looked like crap in a second round loss. people act like richards was our heart and soul. where was all that heart and soul during that second round sweep last year. We made some insane moves that netted us some great players. we are evolving more into the team we need to be to dominate this league for a few years. There are just some of us that are impatient and bitter and love this team and have invested too much emotionally into a stupid hockey team to be happy for anybody else to win. I love the NHL but i love the Flyers more. Pro sports are a soap opera for men and regardless of how many cups we've won since i was born (0) the Flyers are the best story and headline grabbing team in the league. I'm insanely loyal based on entertainment value alone.

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