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Originally Posted by FANonymous View Post
It's not your fault you got hit with a high stick, it is your fault that it did extra damage. Safety gear exists for a reason. When you choose not to wear it you waive all rights to complain.

Would you feel sympathy for a goalie who got hit in the throat after he refuses to wear some kind of neck protection?
Is it against the rules to shoot a puck at the net? If I get hit with an errant puck or someone's stick gets knocked up into my face, that's life. If some idiot is waving his stick around because he doesn't know what he's doing, that's different.

Originally Posted by Wooty View Post
Everyone understands your point, they are suggesting you use a cage for your safety. Or don't and blame others through missing teeth. You can keep blaming the other guy for his mistake while you sit in the emergency room or the dentist chair.

No matter how many times you blame the other player it is still you needing medical help.
Obviously I understand that. It does not absolve the other player of fault for not being able to control his stick.

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