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05-28-2012, 04:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Acallabeth View Post
Rule is simple, it will vastly reduce amount of head injuries and will be good for sport.

It's called "safety penalty", or "Lindros penalty".
It will punish skating with player's head down. So, if a player gets hit with his head down, he gets 2 minutes regardless of what the hit was about. So the hitter can get an elbowing major, but the victim will get 2 mins as well.
Players nowdays risk to take a hit, but to make a play. Will they take a penalty to make a play? This isn't very smart.
Just think about it: there will be less talentless players who can't stickhandle (they will all take too much safety penalties), there will be less hits to the head, there will be more beautiful quick head-up passing. Amazing idea.

There is another variant of this penalty, more complex - also to call this penalty any time when a player skates with his head down for too long (like 4 strides), but it will be too difficult to count strides, so I doubt it can survive.
This would work great if they weren't using hockey sticks, and if the puck floated around eye level. I think you'd have a better chance proposing a floating puck to be honest.

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