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05-28-2012, 05:28 PM
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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
Oh, RGY, you say the nicest things ... not.

Be that as it may, If we want a sniper, and are not giving up McDonagh or Staal, it probably has to be Girardi.

As to Richards, he's worth $$$, but not this much for this long.
If we could move his contract, we should seriously consider it,
and so something better with the cap space. Gaborik is a sweetener, a 2 for.

Was that so hard to understand?
Did you bump your head a lot as a child? In fact are you still an adolescent? It's quite hysterical that you basically complain about the amount of money he makes and then just so easily expects another team to want to add his cap hit. It's comical. So no I'm sorry I can't sugarcoat anything for you because everything you post, is quite honestly and straightforwardly, stupid. Sorry, its the truth. Girardi is signed on a great contract with a friendly cap hit. He was our best defenseman, an all star in fact. He is not going anywhere...get it through your head.

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