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05-28-2012, 05:42 PM
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Originally Posted by StormCast View Post
You wanted hard evidence and I gave you hard evidence. I tried to tell you that Pens fans almost always claim you can't do that when looking at Staal's 3C production but you conventionally looked past it. You then dismissed it because you only wanted to look at this past year. Yet Staal upgraded his role and his wings.
I didn't "conventionally" (conveniently?) look past anything.

History is obviously considered, but value will always be weighted towards the most recent year. Again, the Gagner/Pacioretty comparison is apt.

Staal was on pace for almost 15 more goals and 30 more points than Bolland last year, which is a huge gap even without taking the playoffs into account.

Could Bolland produce similar numbers under those circumstances? Who knows but it could well be close given the small gap in career PPG. Jump and down all you like, there simply isn't a huge difference between them and if you knew anything about Bolland you'd have tried to refute it earlier.
But he hasn't. There's the rub.

I haven't devalued Staal at all. Cite on thing I wrote about his weaknesses that was wrong.
The whole premise of suggesting Staal and Bolland's values are similar does that. They were so far apart production-wise this season that the idea is absurd.

And seriously, you're basing the inherent difference between them on what fans have posted oh HF about proposals?

I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. Instant classic, unintentional I'm sure but holy hell man.
The difference between them is the giant production gap this year, which understandably leads to nobody wanting Bolland as a 2nd line center because he's 25 and has never, ever produced at a pace befitting that role, while Staal's 23 and has.

Keep laughing though. Laughing without a 2nd line center.

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