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Originally Posted by Calad View Post
I have seem to have gathered this much ,
Bern you have to understand that we can't just bring in player x and y and ship out players a b c d. There are dynamics like chemistry that has been developed on the ice and in the locker room, that there are team players who buy in and work together (which is VITAL to Torts system) and there are those who get by without giving the effort every night (who would NOT succeed OR be welcome here).
You vastly overrate both those dynamics and the Tort system.
Your CLB trade is preposterous.

Why in gods name would Columbus trade their 2nd overall pick if they are going back into rebuilding mode? The whole point of moving Nash for them is to get more young talent and build a team from within with lots of youth playing together for years.
Their rebuild is best accelerated by receiving the best combo of quality and quantity of assets back. Whether they use/Richards/Gabo or auction them off to an injury desperate team for a further premium is up to them. They will have to wait 3 years for that 2nd to play here. They can get something much more now, and if they trade such a player, probably get a pick(s) and player(s) now useful as well. Again, false assumption on your part.

The rangers would much rather find a player like Iginla at the deadline if we're lucky (1 year left on contract) or cross your fingers that you can pry Shane Doan away for a 1-2 year deal instead of making it impossible to resign the 7-8 players we have expiring contracts over the next 2 season by picking up that trainwreck of a contract in Nash.
1. You have to assume you will get lucky for a Doan, etc., and that is too great an assumption.

2. If you moved Richards + Gaborik, took back Nash, you would pick up lots of cap, so your assumption there is wrong.

The Edmonton trade makes no sense for us. We have a big core of players that just competed hard and came close to playing for the Cup and you want to trade them away for futures? This team is competitive now, and trading MDZ and Boyle completely depletes our depth.
It doesn't deplete our futures to trade up some of our picks.
And Gernat + Marincin are very good prospects, IMO. Research them and get back to me in a couple of days.

You are trying to do way too much. Have some faith in how the front office has been building this team over the past couple years, will you?
I trust Gordie Clark our director of draft, etc.
Slat's has looked much better past coupla years.
But no, either you grab the bull by the horns, or the bull runs all over you.
So no, I would rather we all brainstorm and try to come up with great ideas.

Fortune favors the bold.

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