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Originally Posted by lnickle View Post
I saw your posting with the pictures of the Sharks car seat covers. You stated where you got the car seat covers, but did not mention where you got the embroidery done. Was it done in the local San Jose area and if so, where? If you do not mind my asking, how much (covers plus embroidery) did the seat covers cost? My daughter is making her car into a Sharks card and those seat covers would look great!
How have the seat covers been wearing? What kind of material are they? Any downsides that you have experienced so far?
Hi Inickle,

I won't mention where I got the embroidery done since legally they shouldn't have done it with the logo being copyright and all. But yes a simple search online for embroidery shops in SJ and you should be able to fine one. In total, the covers and embroidery cost about $850.

They are made of CR2 level neoprene (as linked in my orig post). Same as what is made for wetsuits. The back and passenger seats that haven't gotten as much wear still have some good padding to them. But with the amount of time I spend in my car, the seat on the driver's side has wore down some. One drawback on the teal is that it shows dirt really well.

One idea I was toying with was swapping the teal/black locations. Thinking that may have been a good idea after the dirt that shows. I need to give them a good wash.

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