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11-25-2003, 03:47 PM
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A couple of years back, when the habs were playing the Carolina Hurricanes in the Semi-Finals (play-offs) The habs were up 2-1 in the series, and up 3-1 in the game with just over 5 minutes to go... well, Therrien starts freaking on the bench on a blown call (way to hard) and got an extra 2 minutes... on the ensuing powerplay, they scored 2 goals... and in overtime, Cole iced it... Hurricanes tied the series (won 3 straight for the win as well)

When the press went in to the dressing room, to interview the habs, it was reported in the paper as an unnamed source that stated that if they wanted to see who lost them the game, he pointed at Therrien, and said it's his (expletive) fault right there.

Many people coined the snitch in the dressing room as a 'Rat' but he simply spoke the truth, and it DID destroy the run... as not only was Juneau noticeably pissed about it, as was Perrault, Audette, etc. etc.

But last summer, the idea of the rat from what I understood was solved after speaking of Therriens run... it was aforementioned somewhere on these boards (and all others) that Mr. Juneau was the man with the infamous "rat' quote.

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