Thread: Is it to late?
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03-29-2006, 01:33 AM
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Hmm, reading above makes me hopeful. I roller-skated as a kid a little, stopped for ages, then picked up iceskating at 13-14 with the intention of playing hockey. That never happened cos of parental worry, then lack of I'm 23 and have just started hockey finally, but have been doubting a lot that I'll ever play properly.

My problem is practising - doing it is hard - due to little time, lack of roller blades and living on a hill. I also live in a coutry where hockey is a rather rare sport.

Hey, does anyone have any advice for practising in a small backyard with no rollerblades?! I'm not gonna be able to get any anytime soon, and I dont even really like em that much.

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