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05-29-2012, 02:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Sarava View Post
I'm personally not comfortable with throwing the weight on an otherwise Stanley Cup ready team on Crawford's shoulders...since he couldn't handle that weight this past season.

As for prospects...I totally agree with you. There's probably going to be guys ready for the NHL that won't have a spot available for them. Especially with rumors that Q is demanding that the front office give him more vets and less rookies.

Jeremy Morin, Brandon Saad and Kyle could be argued that all 3 deserve a shot right now, but there's probably only room for one of them max. The Hawks might need to favor Beach in a scenario such as this, because the clock is ticking on how long the Hawks can control him.

That doesn't even get in to guys like Jimmy Hayes and Ben Smith and Brandon Pirri, who are all likely to get little to no chance at a roster spot.

I've thought many times the Hawks should have consolidated their assets to trade up for blue chippers. Perhaps their method worked out well, because it landed Saad at #43. Either way, I hope they trade up this year if something is there.
why do you say that this is an "otherwise stanley cup ready team"? I don't see it that way at all. we have many of the pieces necessary to form an SC team...but not all of the pieces...and it's not just that we're missing pieces, we're missing "chunks".

re: crawford...if this were a team where "everything is ready" but the goalie, i'd be the first to say dump the guy...but the problems we have are much more than just the goalie.

as far as crawford not being able to "handle the weight" of this past season, i don't disagree with you..but again, it's obvious that even if Craw could "handle the weight" we still wouldn't be close. i don't think our success 2012/13 lies on dealing with crawford. for better or for worse, this team frontloads offense...and to the degree that approach causes problems it's simply not going to be cured by replacing crawford.

going back to prospects...we need to find out how ready Saad is...can the guy occupy a top 6 spot? and again, we also need to stop stockpiling "not yet ready" prospects whose upside is 2nd or third line (but not 1st line). we really have developed a monopoly on that type. again, i'm not criticizing the hawks drafting...i think we've done well in drafting at the position we're given...but all we're really doing is developing a pile of decent, but not high end kids, that we'd get more value from if we started packaging deal-wise.

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