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05-29-2012, 06:28 AM
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I've now been playing for about 2 months. I did my first tournament this weekend and had a load of fun. A team from out of state needed a warm body, so I volunteered. I was really, really nervous about being the slowest/worst player on the team, but I was happy to see that it wasn't the case.

I wasn't amazing out on the ice, but I didn't do anything bad either. We played 4 games so they kind of blur together, but I did get the puck a few times, helped get it out of the zone a couple of times, had a SOG, got in the other team's way, etc.

I'm hoping to do another tournament or event in the future, it was so fun to play with the same group of people in an organized fashion. I've done D-league (and will start up again in about a month, after I get back from vacation) and it's nice to be with the same people each time, but even there it's not always predictable - sometimes we have only 2 lines, sometimes 3. I've also been doing drop-in women's league, which is totally unpredictable - I've played 2 on 2, 3 on 3, and also had a full 2 lines for 5 on 5 at those games. So while it's great for skill, it's not so great for learning positional play and line changes, etc.

We lost 3 of our 4 games, but it was pretty clear that some of the teams were not exactly in the right division. In the division up, there was a team that lost all of their games by a pretty high margin. And in our division, there were two teams that were just killing everyone else. Out of the 4 teams we played, we only had a chance against 2 of them. The others beat us 7-0 and 6-1, it was obvious that they were "serious" teams compared to us - they had actual coaches, fully matching uniforms, fans in the stands, etc. We were there more to have fun.

We were not happy with the team that beat us 2-1. The last 3 minutes or so of the game, they just kept icing the puck. Yeah, I get that you want to win. But we're all here to have fun, and 3 minutes of watching you ice the puck out of a 13 minute period just to keep your lead isn't exactly fun. If it were for the SC or something, I could understand. But in a silly regional tournament where everyone is paying to be there and have a good time?

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