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05-29-2012, 09:43 AM
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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
Getting this team to the ECF a year before anyone had any right to expect it, does not equate to a fail.

Getting this team as far as they have without the services of any legit secondary scoring dos not equate to a fail.

The PP has not been what it should be and that is a fail, but that is where the failing begins and ends for this team.

Sully will get a Head Coaching spot, Torts needs to get someone in here that can do a better job with the offence and more specific, the PP.

Had we had a measely 3% better PP, we are 1st overall in the league. We are probably in the Finals as we would have won both rounds 1 and 2 in 5 games as opposed to 7 and we would have been a fresher team against the Devils.

Sather failed (through no fault of his own) to get that 2ndary scorer and Torts failed to produce a PP that could score at an 18-20% clip.

those are the only two fails that I can see.
His random line scrambling is fail.
His inability to adjust to variable situations if fail.
The PP is fail.
Lundqvist carried this team the whole season and into the playoffs. If he isn't beast+1 then we have no chance at all. We probably barely finish 8th if at all. You guys seem to love Lundqvist until it comes to defending Torts. We didn't win games by huge deficits. We're not scoring ridiculous goals. We don't have insane puck possession. We have a goalie and a couple defensemen who through themselves in harms way-- and I'm pretty sure the defense is Sully's job.

Torts does NOT do anything that significant for this team. He just lets guys play. He gets way too much of Henrik's credit. Recognize that if we had 95% of the other goalies in the league we don't finish in first. We don't make it past round 1. Henk stepped up this season. McD and Girardi did the rest. Richards with his occasional "oh ****!" goals was the only other thing that we had.

Sure the guys love him, but this guy has not done anything significantly well here. His system is nowhere near as good as the Devils or the Kings. His O isn't as good as the flyers. D isn't anywhere near as good as the Blues-- and Halak/Eliot couldn't even wash Hank's jock and their defense still dominated us. People need to stop using 1st place as an excuse for Torts. He didn't get us there.

and Chere's misfortune is the only reason that we don't have that 2nd line scorer. <3

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