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05-29-2012, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Capn Brown View Post
Not even close. Kopitar, Brown, and Quick ARE the Kings. Everybody else is everybody else. Yeah, Dean got Doughty, but that was just the runner-up prize for not getting Stamkos. It's more like 50% / 50%. Dave doesn't get enough credit.
50/50? Ridiculous.

Taylor drafted those three players, but how many played a game under Taylor's regime? One, Dustin Brown. And even then, people have said he was rushed and shouldn't have been in the NHL right away. There's much more to building an NHL team than drafting some good players. You have to develop them too, and guys like Kopitar and Quick, outside of MAYBE a rookie camp, never did anything under the Taylor regime. They were fully developed and trained at the pro level by Lombardi and his crew. To give Taylor half the credit for this cup run, six years after he left for drafting three players off a roster of 20, of which only one seen the light of the professional ranks while he was the GM, is incredibly generous on your part.

Taylor likely deserves a handshake and a pat on the back for his efforts. That's it. Not to mention there really is no proof those players would have turned out the same or perhaps have been traded away by Taylor. Look what he did with the one goaltender he drafted and developed as a Kings GM, Christobel Huet. Traded him for Garon. Who says he wouldn't do the same again with Quick?

DL had the foresight to stick with these guys, build around them and ignore what was likely several good offers for them over the years.

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