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05-29-2012, 11:40 AM
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The concept though disturbing is very simple. During the transformation MSG will be losing between 800-1100 seats (I have heard both numbers) that were in the old 400section forever. Some of these seats will be made into suites etc., The new W/B section and what MSG did was relocate the most junior tenured STH,s to different locations and apparently many of them did not renew hoping that MSG would accomodate them and place them back in the cheaper price bracket. I have been told after several conversations with 2 reps that someone who has existing seats and renewed will have preference if any upper level seats open up over a 20 year STH who did not renew. So basically if last year was your first year as a STH and you renewed you will jump over a long tenured STH who didn,t renew because he was unhappy with his new seat selection. They will still go ahead of someone who is just getting tickets this year for the first time but have lost all seniority because MSG considers it as though you didn,t renew and are starting out new.

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