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11-25-2003, 04:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Thrashd00d
Well with that logic, The rangers shouldn't have lost a cup in the last five years. And why have team chemistry.

The key to the questions good is Atlanta. I believe the question references the team as a whole. As a whole, they are pretty darn good. No, the lines are not filled with top dollar forwards, and we only have one over-paid goalie(backup I might add) but with the coach that can teach players how to win and the players eager to listen, I would take that kind of team over a team like the rangers any day.

Someone else mentioned that we have a bunch of over-achievers.

All I can say is ...THANK GOD! I would hate it to be the other way.
Thats my point. While you may not have the talent to be a cup contender/playoff team, you are overachieving and playing hard enough to have a legitimate chance at makingthe playoffs. The person that said that the Thrashers were overachieving was me. I'm not saying that the Thrashers have not earned their wins, rather I am saying the exact opposite: they have earned their wins and are playing with a passion that is probably unmatched in the NHL. This, IMO, is why they are high in the standings. However, I'm not sure if they will be able to sustain the pace they are on, and there schedule certainly does boost their chances at the playoffs.

Originally Posted by trggrman
I could do the same thing to our top 8, we're still talented though.
I'm not talking about our team. If you want to take what I said and stack it up against the Predators, fine by me. The question at hand is concerning the Thrashers, though, and it is the only issue I addressed.

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