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Originally Posted by CaseyPierroZabotel17 View Post
I'm rooting for the Kings, mostly because of Quick, Scuderi, and the fact that they've never won the cup before.

and I might take some heat from people for my probably unpopular opinion, but i wouldn't be too upset if the Devils won. I sorta like NJ. and they got a bunch of cool players: Zajac, Parise, Henrique, Zubrus, Elias, Ryan Carter, ex-pen Petr Sykora, and Josefson.
From reading here that is my impression for most. Certainly is true for me. I am supporting the Kings, but NJ never bothered me overly much, as a team or their fans. I can not say the same for the Flyers, Rangers or especially their fans. If I get annoyed here at HF, or see something stupid said about us or our team, you can bet dimes to dollars 99% of the time it is a Flyer or Ranger fan involved.

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