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05-29-2012, 12:55 PM
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I read thru what you guys post & I start to get my hopes up. Knock it off! haha

I still dont believe for a second we get either of them... But oh man, as Avder said, if somehow GMCF managed to get even one I would be thoroughly impressed. If he somehow manged to get both I think I might consider him a god among men..

but there I go letting rumors on stupid HF boards make me think we might actually have a chance again...

I just don't think we do... I guess i base it on if I was a player, even tho Im from Minnesota, if I had a chance to play for the Red Wings or the Rangers, the Blackhawks, the Flyers, the Penguins, or hell even the Maple Leafs or Canadians. I would wipe my ass with the Wilds contract offer & laugh in their face. If we were still the North Stars & had history & respect than sure. But I would feel no connection to some cheesy franchise they happened to put in my home state when I was already 15 (I think I did my math right...) As a whole, I love the Islanders more than the Wild just because of the years from '92 on when we had the house in Queens, NY...

Im just a fan & I dont even like putting a Wild jersey on... I wear every jersey I have more than I wear a Wild jersey. I think Wild jersey's are embarrassing... I mean everyone's different so I hope they dont think like me, I just know that even being from Minnesota I would pick at least 10 other teams long before I would even consider the Wild if i was a pro, regardless of where my wife is from...

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