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11-25-2003, 04:22 PM
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Can any of the mods please explain to me why the "trade tomorrow" thread is still open? I haven't had a complaint so far, and I realize this is a discussion board but people don't deserve to wad thru this ****. Especially now that it's set a bad example to the younger one's that think it's funny to post spin off posts (Mr X).

There was absolutely nothing to discuss on that post. If the title was changed and atleast the position of one player being moved was mentioned I would have said keep it since there's something to discuss. I don't mind rumours posted that don't have reliable sources since they can make good discussions but they should meet certain criteria. Joepaco's post would not have made any of them and should be closed until this so called deal happens, then the thread can be re-opened and serve as the main thread to discuss the deal.

What ever happened to the quality over quantity thread...

My 2 cents...

(thank you Patty Roy!)

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