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Originally Posted by BigDuke6 View Post
I've learned everything about positioning through my 9 year old son playing hockey. Watching his practices, learning with him, listening to his coaches instruct his team.

I played in a pick up game Sunday night. My son usually plays RW or LW, so that's what I played. I'm very new to hockey (started last fall), and was playing with players who were mostly newer than me. I was amazed at how many clean breakaways I got just by staying where I was supposed to be.

I tell my son before and after every game he plays. Your position has a job to do, just do that job, don't try and do someone elses job.

IMO all you have to do to be considered a "good" hockey player is play your position, stick to the fundamentals (do the little things right), and skate hard every shift. It's not all about scoring goals and racking up assists. Those will come naturally if you are doing the little things that are important to which ever position you play.

It really grinds my gears when someone starts playing my wing in the Defensive end when I'm CLEARLY there doing what I'm supposed to. More often than not its the newbies and I have to ask them what side of the ice they are supposed to be on.

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