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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
I think I missed the memo where you can only trade young blueliners for fwds who have expensive deals. The Pens most NHL ready fwd came via trading Whitney.

Rundblad was turned into not one, but two talented young fwds for his last two respective teams.

People flipped when CP took GoGo... There was Whitney, Welch, Scuderi, Fata, Nemec and Fernholm all in the pipeline and all of them seemed promising. Why the **** did he waste a pick on ths little midget out of HS? MFERBBQ!

Should I mention again all of the crying when Despres and Morrow were taken?
Our most NHL ready forward? Try the ONLY NHL ready forward, and a non impact one at that, who never produced on his elc. And therein lies the problem.

And you dont have to trade for Expensive wingers,but if you expect that winger to immediately contribute chances are your getting a player on at least their 2nd contract. Like Turris in your runblad case, he wanted 4 mil, got 2.8, and after next year will be 4+. Im not going to even include the draft pick he was traded for because there were other factors involved,he wasn't traded for a player he was traded for a pick.

The point still being that if we put just a lil more time into developing a supporting cast for our centers we wouldn't have to go through this every offseason. The reason we didnt during the cup runs was having Cros, Staal, Malkin on elcs allowed us to stack our roster for the playoffs, much the way Chicago did when they won and Boston did last year. Getting no production from elcs means no capspace at the deadline, like this year. And that means the Philly's of the world add the Grossman's, the LAs add the carters, and your stuck standing pat.

Then you could also ask, why did we sign two high priced dmen if were so intent on developing them internally? Because our hands are basically tied with guys stuck on the depth chart. Why not invest a few more picks on wingers if signing guys like Michalek,martin, hamhuis, etc was your plan anyway? It just makes little sense to have a depth chart so unbalanced, especially when you've got the 2 best centers in the world.

And dont give me the "we choose the bpa" crap. Esposito was the "bpa" in theory, but in reality not so much. And id like to hear an argument for sneep being the "bpa" for a team that wanted to be "tough to play against" and had lucic,mcginn, and kulemin sitting there in round 2 and marchand and clutterbuck in round 3 when we took strait. BPA is only as good as your teams scouts, and ours are pretty suspect.

Also its not like trading dmen is a quick fix. Crosby and Geno are going on 6-7 years in this organization and we finally have 2 permanent top 6 wingers, one of which is approaching his mid 30's now. Malone was the only internally developed player to play consistently with either sid or Geno their entire careers thus far. That's pathetic.

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