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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
I'm on record as saying this org hasn't shown me they can both draft and develop top six talent.

So I say go with your strengths; drafting and developing blueliners. Build the best and deepest farm in the league of blueliners and use those assets to land impact fwds.

There is a lot of talk on here how great the Flyers are at developing fwds, but their blueline farm is absolutely atrocious. I rank the Pens top 5 blueliners as:


I wouldn't trade my bottom guy, Strait, for any blueliner on the Flyers farm. They literally don't have one blueliner I would project as a top 4.

All about perspective.

Yup, there's nothing wrong with having a lot of d-man prospects. Some teams seem to find better d-men prospects while spending less picks on them, than other teams do. Some teams want a lot of insurance. Organizational depth is a real balancing act, you can't draft the next can't miss Hasek even if he is available every round. At some point you have to tell your scouts that you can't play 6 goalies on the ice at the same time, even if the Rangers do. To a lesser extent, that same appraoch applies to the other positions as well. It's great when you think a guy is a MUST DRAFT every round, but at some point organizational depth catches up with you.

And I don't think that the Pens are so bad at finding and developing forwards that they have to overstock d-men so they can trade for them later. I just think that they REALLY feel that they are getting the best player available. They might need to be a little more picky now, or look to make some trades at the AHL level.

It's not a dire situation, in fact they don't even have to trade Staal if they don't want to. But Letang's first UF deal is going to be a massive increase, and if their d-prospects arent ready to step up, well something has got to give.

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