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05-29-2012, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by zorz View Post
And how would your smart format look?
Well, I wouldn't be against the expansion of Top division to 12 teams and the same format as it is at Olympics. (Plus, of course, 2 teams relegating to Division I)

If you want to keep 10 teams, then the old format with two relegating teams was the best. If you wanted to keep also the only relegating team, then I would keep bye for the round robin winners, 2nd & 3rd to quarterfinals, 4th place teams would battle in 7th place game (or best-of-3 series) and 5th place teams would battle in order to avoid relegation in best-of-3 series.

This format allows manipulations and teams can choose their opponent in quarterfinals. Also, I think it's little bit stupid that just 2 points can be enough for reaching the quarterfinals. And don't forget that top teams will not have any motivation to play on 100 per cent in round robin, because they won't get any advantage.

One of the best match played at WJHC was Sweden vs. Canada in 2011. THe last game of round robin, the winner gets bye, loser has to go to quarterfinals. Do you think that match would be also so great, if there was this format? I highly doubt.

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