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05-29-2012, 06:24 PM
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WWE 13 Official Thread **2K appears to have licence going forward**

Well, that time of year again that the hype machines starts up for the game. This was the Revolution all along and with new details about the game in today's first blog about it, I don't seem to have a problem with that being the revolution (especially considering it was just an online thing)...

Points from the new article:
-Along with signature and finishing moves, there will be "OMG" moves that will allow a superstar to do a move that creates an "OMG" moment (the ring collapsing, going through the barricade, etc.)

-You can now catch superstars in finishers in mid-air.

-Create-A-Superstar has been worked on, there will be new matches, moves and arenas added in.

-Superstars will have different models. They will have "Attitude Era" models and modern day eras (Big Show, Undertaker, The Rock, Kane, etc.)

-You can now edit a match experience before actually playing the match to one of three levels (quick, normal or epic). Quick would be a squash match, normal would be a normal length, 5-10 minute match and an epic match would allow a superstar to take more punishment and the pacing would be changed up, allowing for a match to have that epic feeling such as Undertaker/HHH, Undertaker/HBK at recent WrestleMania's.

-You can adjust the number of finishers from 0 to infinite.

-Weight detection added and super heavyweights like Henry and Show have larger frames.

-Pinning is no longer influenced by the amount of damage a superstar has taken over the match, it's now by the damage of the last executed move, so you can't win by a clothesline anymore.

-Non-tagged partners can be controlled.

-8 separate storylines for 8 separate superstars in the all new "Attitude Era mode".

-No more gimmicky results to story mode like "Road to WrestleMania" in WWE 12, you can actually play through a match and win, but the addition of "side tasks" during the match are added in which allows you to achieve more.

-Universe 3.0/Career Mode

-Predator technology 2.0

-Arenas such as Raw is War, Raw 2012, Smackdown! 2012 have been confirmed through screen shots. No word on what the Smackdown stage will be for the Attitude Era, whether it's the fist or the oval trons.

Confirmed Roster (so far):
Big Show (92 overall), modern day
Chris Jericho (92 overall), modern day
CM Punk (93 overall)
Mankind (91 overall), Attitude Era
Mark Henry (89 overall), modern day
Sheamus (89 overall)
Stone Cold Steve Austin (94 overall), Attitude Era
The Undertaker (95 overall), Attitude Era

The roster includes 77 total members, including 32 members from the Attitude Era and 7 divas, leaving 38 from the current roster.

Some superstars will have multiple characters in the game (Attitude and Modern day characters) for different overalls, mannerisms, entrance themes and moves apparently.

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