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05-29-2012, 06:25 PM
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Originally Posted by sjsharklover View Post
Forgive me if it is not possible to do but do you think it could be possible to rebuild but also stay competitive with a deep playoff run? I just keep reading posts that say blow it all up and others that say we are still one or two pieces away from having a chance to win it all. I would think the sharks could trade a Marleau or Pavelski or Boyle (maybe) and maybe even close to get a first round pick. I don't have salaries in front of me but lets say hypothetically we trade Marleau to let's say Toronto . For him I think one team would offer a first round pick. We get that pick and save 7milion on Marleaus salary. We take 2 million to sign the draft pick and we still have 5 million to sign a free agent who keeps us competitive..basically starting to blend in rookies with veterans. I just don't think trading our draft picks will help us in the years to come..why does it have to be this season that it's all or nothing?
It's possible to rebuild on the fly and stay competitive (look at the Flyers). But your theory has issues. Firstly, no one is going to trade a pick or prospect for a guy with a big cap hit like Marleau or Boyle without sending back a salary dump like Matthew Lombardi or Colby Armstrong (to use your example). And that would end with minimal cap savings, and the pick wouldn't join the team right away (unless you get a Couturier by being really, really lucky).

Originally Posted by AstroDan View Post
Another "get rid of Marleau" thread?

Let's look at other NHL dismallities this post season:

Marleau 5 GP 0 pts
Bertuzzi 5 GP 0 pts
Lidstrom 5 GP 0 pts
Orpik 6 GP 0 pts
Joe $$$ 5 GP 0 pts
Sharp 6 GP 1 pt
Rupp 20 GP 0 pts
Sturm 7 GP 0 pts
Jackman 9 GP 0 pts
Keith 6 GP 1 pt
Add Hossa that had 0 points in 3 games before getting injured. It was a weird post-season for a lot of guys.

But this is hardly a 'Trade Marleau' thread.

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