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05-29-2012, 07:28 PM
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Current President Jürg Bircher and his board member Kurt Hildenbrand have resigned leaving their shares available for compensation. The former President of the club and current head of the task force "Rescue Kloten Flyers" Peter Bossert, had made it no secret that he wanted to overthrow Bircher. The provisional statement for the financial year 2011/2012 has an indebtedness from 6,5 to 9,2 million francs - depending on the assessment.

Adrian Fetscherin (works at TeleClub) who uncovered all this when he was suppose to start taking over the club in February still owns 30% of the shares but is willing to work with Bossert and his Group to save the club. The players have also dropped their 31.May deadline on Kloten to pay their wages for April and May, around 1,5 million francs in order to give Bossert and his Groups the time to save the club before the 6.June meeting of the National Leagues. From my understanding, they need to find 10+ million francs, before 6.June because thats their judgement day.

As for moving forward, the league will decide between playing at 11 clubs or finding a replacement. Lausanne is almost 100% going to be the club since they fit all the requirements set by the league and I cant see the NLA owners telling them no. And for Bircher, I can really understand why people made threats against your life, he has basically destroyed a club who has never been relegated and has been in the top league for what, 50 some years?
This part is a little off-topic and would really like some help from our Swiss friends. I dont know how reliable 20 minuten posters are but...

Somebody brought up EHC Dübendorf moving up the ranks should Kloten they even have the means to move up or is this just a fans dream? From an outside standpoint, he either knows something or seen it reported that sponsors/people in charge would look at them to move up? Why Dübendorf though, if people in charged wanted another club in NLA from Canton of Zurich why not Winterthur or Bülach (who I thought had a partnership or friendship of some kind with Kloten)? At first, I thought it was for fan travel reasons, but Bülach is the same distance as Dübendorf and Wintherthur is only 23 minutes away so it must be something more. Plus, if Kloten is going to re-start all over again in 4.Liga (I understand really poor quality compared to National Leagues) but wouldnt fans of Kloten stick by the side of their club rather then jump ship?

Anyways, this entire situation is just one big mess.

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