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05-29-2012, 09:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Blueline Bomber View Post
I agree. The problem I'm seeing is that if both hit 100, I can't see a lot of room for Staal to hit 60.

If the Penguins score more than the highest goalscoring team since 05-06 (Washington in 09-10 scored 313), then Staal could hit 60. 60 points is about 19% of the team's total goals scored (assuming they hit 313), and he put up an equivalent amount back in 09-10, when he last played that 3rd line role. Not impossible, but a stretch.

I think with the way goal-scoring as been league-wide though, and the division Pittsburgh plays in (since facing Lundqvist, Brodeur, etc. would definitely have an effect on a team's total goals. It probably had an effect on Washington's 313), 313 would be a little much. I could see anywhere from 250 to 290 for Pittsburgh next year.
You do know that more than one player can get a point when a goal is scored, right?

You're making it sound like for the Sid and Geno to get 100 points and Staal to get 60 then 260 goals need to be scored, lol.

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