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05-29-2012, 09:44 PM
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Originally Posted by kimzey59 View Post
All you're trying to do here is shift the goalposts enough to continue your attempts to get a "premium return".

You brought up Richards; he didn't bring back a "premium return"(3rd liner, top prospect and 2nd liner is not a "premium return").

You brought up Boyle; he didn't bring back a premium return(2nd line winger, mid-level prospect and a very low 1st is not a premium return).

I'm sorry to be the one to break this to you; but teams almost never get a "Premium return" when dealing a top-end player. Going all the way back to the Lindros trade; only Danny Heatley has brought back "premium returns" in a trade(first Hossa, then Heatley). Almost all of the "top players" dealt in recent memory get a collection of lesser pieces when they get moved. You're looking at getting maybe 1 top 2 line/pairing caliber player, and then some picks and mid-level prospects to even out the value. This notion that you're going to get a winger for Crosby plus a few picks/prospects is nothing but unrealistic crazy talk.
you do understand the definition of "premium" correct? If "no one gets premium return" then the standard of what is considered "premium" is shifted downward accordingly. Richards got "premium return."

If getting the #1 spec in hockey and a 28 goal third liner isn't "premium" return then idk what is going on.

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