Thread: Equipment: What's Your Current Gear?
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05-29-2012, 10:06 PM
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Helmet: M11 with cage (As stated elsewhere, the boss who signs my paychecks asked me to get the best concussion-reducing helmet on the market because I work with the general public all day and his daughter treats a lot of head injuries in her therapist job. The jury's out, but you never know.

Shoulder pads: Warrior Bonafide

Elbow Pads: Bauer Supreme One60. The forearm wraps don't like staying around my forearms, though, so I may be replacing them soon.

Shin Guards: Bauer Supreme One60

Pants: Warrior Bonafide. The only ones that fit me at the store.

Skates: Bauer Supreme One80. These were the only skates I could find in 6EE at the time I bought them. They fit my short, yet wide feet just fine.

Gloves: Easton EQPro

Sticks: Easton ST, Camallieri pattern. It had a 110 flex to start, then we had to cut it down to size. I'm probably at a 115 or 120 now. It's insanely stiff for a guy who's 5'7".

Warrior Vandal, Gionta pattern. It had an 85 flex to start and is now probably at 95 since being cut down.

I'll try a stick with a lighter flex some time down the road.

The best part?

I got them all on sale and new by looking around here and there. I'd rather break in my own gear.

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