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Originally Posted by CPrice 31 View Post

-You can now edit a match experience before actually playing the match to one of three levels (quick, normal or epic). Quick would be a squash match, normal would be a normal length, 5-10 minute match and an epic match would allow a superstar to take more punishment and the pacing would be changed up, allowing for a match to have that epic feeling such as Undertaker/HHH, Undertaker/HBK at recent WrestleMania's.

-You can adjust the number of finishers from 0 to infinite.

-Weight detection added and super heavyweights like Henry and Show have larger frames.

-Pinning is no longer influenced by the amount of damage a superstar has taken over the match, it's now by the damage of the last executed move, so you can't win by a clothesline anymore.
This makes me wanna buy this I played WWE 12, first Wrestling game I play since I think the 2nd Smackdown which is around 10 years ago, always had a sour taste after No Mercy, I thought 12's gameplay was pretty good but still lacking, these options make it much better.

I still remember having 15-25 minutes playing No Mercy that had that "epic" feel, been wanting such an option for a long long time.

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