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05-30-2012, 04:47 AM
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IF there is a buyout

Just wanted to run this by you, it makes me a little bit annoyed when we talk buyouts here. I don't think i'll ever really be able to justify a buyout. It pretty much gives the owner/gm an "i'm free to be a moron" card once every four years or so which I think is laughable alone.

My problem is though, there should be certain things that immediately exclude you from being able to buyout someone. The one immediate exclusion should be if you acquired the player and contract via trade!! You are telling me that one manager made a boneheaded contract and then another one traded for that boneheaded contract. Nah, that doesn't fly for me. If part of the reason you are offering a buyout is due to a contract becoming too big of a burden and immovable and you need to free up cap space, then hell no because you obviously considered the contract movable when you took it on.

My two obvious examples are Gomez and Carter. No way should either the Kings or the Canadiens be allowed a buyout for them. In Carter's instance he's been traded TWICE under the current contract. It's obviously not a hindrance and they need to be stuck with it!

Just my rant....

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