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Originally Posted by TUCKER 06 View Post
my previous post made me think of the fishbowl I used to rock when I was a kid (I'm talking 10yrs old). Back then those things were the coolest thanks in part to the Mighty Ducks movies. That, and IMO, it was the next best thing to a visor.

Now a days I think they are the ugliest piece of equipment a guy can own. 2nd ugliest is the half-cage-half visor (although I do see the practicality in those).
I used to use a half cage half visor. It was ok, but I actually felt that a gunmetal or white cage offered better visibility. A uniform bar pattern made it easier to look past the bars, whereas the half and half was kind of jarringly obvious when you looked down.

I hate the fishbowls, they fog up and feel too constricting. I need that breeze on my face.

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