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I don't care to read through this thread, but THIS defensemen analysis was posted weeks ago, so sorry if it's a repost.
On your x-axis, you have Corsi Relative Quality of Competition, which measures Average Relative Corsi of opposing players, weighted head-to-head by ice time. The further right, the better the opposition faced.

On your y-axis, you have Zone Start Adjusted Corsi, which weights a player's productivity based on the regularity -- or, irregularity -- of offensive zone starts. Players that start a ton of their shifts in the offensive zone will naturally have more scoring opportunities, and subsequently, more points. Conversely, defensive defensemen often start their shifts in the defensive zone, and have less opportunity at point-scoring, effectively hurting their Corsi. Hence, the weight via the following formula:
Simplified Zone Start Adjusted Corsi = Corsi/60 - (Ozone% - 50)*0.18, courtesy [and explained] Driving the Net.
Lastly, the size of the bubble will indicate points per game. Considering I've limited the bubble graph to players with no less than forty games played, the averages aren't going to be heavily skewed. Erik Karlsson's a bowling ball, and Robin Regehr is a blip on the radar.
Buffalo Sabres: It shouldn't be ultimately surprising to see Sabres' defensemen struggling against the curve, as they lacked point-production from their blue liners for the majority of the season. Christian Ehrhoff was the bright spot for a Buffalo Sabres blue line that struggled from time to time, and his production in his first sixty-six games should -- to date -- warrant the 10Y, $40M deal inked last July. But, how 'bout some love for Andrej Sekera? Reggie made 67.5% what Regehr did last year, yet played well in tough minutes. His only downside, as evidenced by the size of the bubble, was point-scoring. Thirteen points in sixty-nine games just isn't enough.

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