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05-30-2012, 10:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Rowdy Roddy Peeper View Post

How about that ol' point you neglected to include about the Hawks preferring to convert wingers rather than use him in a 2C role? The man's own team - that's desperate for a 2nd line center - doesn't even consider him an option.

It's completely relevant - junior stats from a half-decade ago don't mean anything. Bolland was a more productive junior player than Eric Staal, too. Maybe you guys can work out a trade.

I won't even acknowledge "junior stats" as an argument moving forward, so you may as well save some keystrokes. It's absurd.
Sharp is a natural C who was moved to wing, just so you know. Q prefers balanced scoring on the top 2 lines and the more traditional checking center at 3C, where Bolland plays. Same thing with Sutter in Carolina. He could be a 2C but his value is greater at 3C and they've tried several guys at 2C.

You continue to completely miss the point about Bolland in Juniors but oh well. It's pretty simple that Bolland has shown to have the scoring skills to be a productive 2C but you can't compare his point totals with Staal who has played a lot of 2C. Well, actually, you've tried to do so and create a red herring by misapplying the junior stats in the vague hope it will support your point but it doesn't.

But keep flailing around with silly comparison to Schremp and refuse to "acknowledge: the point. Just hysterical.

Originally Posted by Superunknown94 View Post
Ian Laperriere, Darcy Tucker, Chad Larose (sound familiar?). Go look up their junior stats. Hardly an accurate way of projecting a player's potential.
Yawn...not the point but thanks for the contribution anyway.

Originally Posted by Rowdy Roddy Peeper View Post
There's too much idiocy in this thread to differentiate. We have people bringing up junior stats from 5 years ago as an argument.
Another mighty swiiiiiiiing....and a miss.

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