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11-25-2003, 05:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Vishinator05
Salei is a journeyman? I thought in order to be a journeyman you had to have played on a couple of different teams.

I'm not saying any of the Ducks prospecst are sure things, but if it's such a crap shoot, why do you want them for Comrie? Also, how do we know Comrie isn't a crap shoot also?

If the Lowe doesn't want to get rid of Comrie for Perry and a 2nd, keep him for nothing.
A journeyman is just another word for veteran. It means they're off the learning curve, finished product kind of thing.

Comrie = proven nhl'er, and a proven goal scorer at that. However, he's small and has a questionable attitude, as well as very poor defensive ability.

Perry = big, he's a rw, he's affordable, he's scoring well, but he hasn't done a thing in any pro league anywhere.

Are those equations equal?

I think the Oilers (like any team) want above average players that they can afford, and there's no way they're going to trade Comrie for a proven nhl'er of that description. His list of negatives is too long. Frolov et al don't have that much baggage and they have the same offensive upside.

Perry might be a bargain, if the draft was held again I doubt that he'd slip past the middle of the first round. Where would the oft injured Pouliot go?

A rw makes a lot of sense, Hemsky is solid but Dvo might not be affordable in 3 years or less. Enter; Perry.

I think a 2nd rnd pick may not be enough to even this one out though. Then again, I don't care. Buh-bye now Mikey.

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