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05-30-2012, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by stokes84 View Post
Fair enough, but your stats still don't represent what we are talking about, and I doubt the stat exists. If you can tell me that Sekera was beating opposition forwards up the ice to create as many odd man rushes as Myers and Ehrhoff, then good for you. I don't think he was remotely close in this aspect, and I think that it effects these numbers which don't take the risks into account.

I have stated a couple of times in this thread that Myers and Ehrhoff were better because they had more impact on the team; the teams entire style changed without them, whereas without Sekera there was very little change. Do you at least agree with that?
the stat is only a tool.

no, i don't agree with your elementary assessment.

Ehrhoff and Myers did not have more impact on the team. Again, I will use the past as a comparison. Did Campbell-Spacek have more of an impact on the team then Lydamn-Tallinder? Did Zhitnik-Wooley, have a bigger impact then McKEE-Warrener?

I think you are wrong. I think you over value one aspect of the blueliners, and underrate the other. I think both roles are closer to equal, but would give the edge to the role of shutting down the oppositions top lines, playing more in your own zone, etc.

the team was better with Myers, Sekera, Ehrhoff, and Regehr. ALL of them, taking any one of them out of the equation weakens the team. Taking any 2 of them out at the same time, severely hinders the teams ability.

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