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05-30-2012, 01:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Ragamuffin Gunner View Post
Again, just because you haven't used those exact words doesn't mean you haven't been arguing those points. lol
Again, I've never argued those points. You want to know what I've said with regards to those points?

- If (and this is a key word there) Staal only wants to play with his brothers, then the pool for eligible teams becomes limited. It'd be down to staying in Pittsburgh, hoping the Rangers could move some salary so Staal could play the 3rd line role, or play the 2nd line role in Carolina

- If (again, key word) the choice came between losing Staal to free agency or taking one of the deals proposed in the past couple topics, any GM worth his salt would take the deal.

- With regards to Bolland and Sutter, I believe the only comment I've made regarding them and Staal is that if (there's that word again) Crosby and Malkin play up to their potential, the Penguins are Cup-contenders regardless of whether they've got Staal, Bolland, or Sutter in that 3rd line role.

- And if you look back, I actually said the exact opposite of what you're claiming with regards to Staal hitting 60. Hell, you quoted a post of mine saying that Staal could hit 60. Here, let me help you out:

So you do see how that's different than saying "Staal only wants to play with his brothers", "The Penguins should take anything they can for Staal before they lose him for free", "Bolland and Sutter are basically the same player as Staal" and (my personal favorite) "Staal can never hit 60 with Crosby and Malkin in the lineup"?

Again, you're misreading posts then getting snippy about what you believe you read. And even more so, now you're making the fact you misread them quite public by completely misquoting me.

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