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Originally Posted by Stickmata View Post
One of the subtle things Lidstrom also does that makes him such a good defenseman is that he almost never crosses over when backskating and trying to change direction; he stays inside edge and goes knee to knee to make a big change of direction and he's just so quick and smooth at it. I watched a segment about him a while back and they spotlighted this about him and how much of a difference it makes. Went to a camp once where the coaches ran a great drill on this and it really helped me.
How do you pick up speed doing the knee to knee thing? I'm not a good skater, so my understanding of the knee to knee technique is that you're just using the inside edges and shifting your knee side to side quickly to keep going backwards. But if the forward picks up speed and I keep doing the knee thing he'll blow past me so I have to end up switching to a forward stride.

I wish there's a video of that segment you're talking about on youtube or something. In my beginner league I play defensive dman a lot cus my partners always seem to like being the offensive dman and pinching in every single time. I end up having to always stay back and be the first dman to cover a forward.

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