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05-30-2012, 02:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Beechsack View Post
Although this comment was mostly a shot a Jame, it has a nugget of truth. Many of the hockey metrics make arbitrary assumptions that don't make a lot of sense, and they are 3 to 4 levels derived further from that.

Such things work in baseball because the outcome a given play can be traced through the actions of each individual participant independently. The players directly involved in the play are credited or demerited appropriately based on what they did or didn't do, and nobody else on the field at the time is affected positively or negatively.

In hockey, a coverage mistake by a forward could (and often does) impact the base statistics of a defenseman, especially in the +/- category. When you're STARTING with a number that is flawed, deriving numbers FROM that flawed numbers tells you nothing. Think garbage in, garbage out, and that's what's really going on with a lot of these stats.
True, but on the other side youre just providing opinion with nothing to back it up.

"Ryan Miller is the best goalie in the world"

Opinion, no facts to back it up or tear it down without using stats.

And on the same side of the coin Sekeras stats may be biased because of who he played with but so were Myers and Ehrhoffs as well. You cant use the argument and then throw out points and +/- as an indicator because the same argument applies.

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