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05-30-2012, 02:42 PM
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Originally Posted by MagicSlap View Post
Allen can PK and play responsible defensive hockey for 20 minutes a game, both things that Oduya cannot do. Allen is also much better along the boards and in front of the net than Oduya is. Sure he isn't a hitting machine, doesn't mean he doesn't address needs.

Yes he will make more but I'd take what it'd cost to get him over Oduya's contract any day of the week.
Oduya, for not being able to play responsible hockey, was really the only partner that made Leddy look good in his own end this year.

Leddy/Hammer didn't work, Leddy/O'Donnell didn't workd, Leddy/Keith didn't work and while Leddy/Seabrook wasn't bad, you knew Olsen wasn't going to be playing 20 minutes a night consistently with Keith.

Leddy played his best hockey this year with Oduya. They looked good down the stretch because of Oduya's abillity to play responsible, simple and patient hockey in his own zone. He had a very good gap, good stick and made simple, smart plays in his own zone. I know he wasn't good in the playoffs, but Oduya did what few could last year and that was making a pairing with Leddy that was effective in their own zone, for the most part.

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