Thread: Speculation: Schultz talk pt. 2
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05-30-2012, 04:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Duckstudd269 View Post

Are you trying to be dense? Seriously are you? Why do you keep mentioning the CBA? Not one duck fan thinks he's not within his rights, so your long ass posts about the CBA are pointless.

You think its ok to lie, fine. I'd bet about 99% of posters here would disagree but that's irrelevant. You're spouting off the same information over and over.

Yes I believe you owe the team that drafted you at least your honesty. I think it's wrong to mislead them, which is exactly what he did. Maybe he did change his mind, but he needs to be upfront with it to the ducks. He owes them that at least for telling them that he planned to play for them. It'd be different if he never would have told them that but he did. I realize he has his choices but yes it's low of him to make a promise and not even tell them he changed his mind. Yes that is low character.
Really, so you know for a fact that he was lying and didn't just change his mind? I would love to see some support for this - that Schultz intentionally lied or misled the Ducks and didn't actually change his mind.

Or do you think that it's "low character" for a 21 year old to change their mind?

Since you seem to know for sure that he was actually lying, I'd love to see some proof for this.

If he was in fact straight out lying, and never had any intention to sign with the Ducks, then yes, I'd agree with you. But given how common it is for kids that age to change their mind, I tend to give him the benefit of the doubt... But again if you can provide proof to the contrary, I'll change my stance on this... Until then I see a bunch of pissed off fans accusing him of lying without knowing for sure - guilty until proven otherwise basically.

It seems you are all convinced he is lying and didn't just change his mind, so I'm assuming you must have some inside info to back that up, and aren't just ripping on him for what you believe he is actually doing?

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