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05-30-2012, 05:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
If Torts was doing the talking, Howson would probably be crying after 3 minutes.

But seriously, the last few deals for superstars have been significant:

Mike Richards got:
2nd rounder

Jeff Carter got:
2011 8th overall
3rd rounder

Brent Burns got:

Those are some hefty returns. Now, none of those players asked to be traded like Nash, nor do they carry as high of a cap hit, but he's a hell of a player.

You look at Dany Heatley and his debacle and he fetched Michalek, Cheechoo and a 2nd round draft choice. Heatley is a nutjob and Ottawa ultimately came out on top, but Heatley did in fact demand to be traded and had a NMC which gave him total control over the situation. Ottawa caved because the whole ordeal became a distraction. As good of a guy Nash is -- and he's a heck of a good guy -- I can't see him being thrilled with the idea of Howson throwing him under the bus and saying it was his idea to be traded.

Columbus doesn't have to trade Nash, but does management really want their young kids to get the impression that they treat their players like this? Does Ryan Johansen's opinion of Columbus get skewed because they refused to play ball with a guy who has given them a decade of service while they floundered around like morons? It's a really messed up situation.
Ok after sitting in shame for a minute would have to agree yes, Torts would probabvly get the deal done at a steal.

I agree they don't have to trade him but i have a feeling it's as good as done. I think CBJ have derailed that train a while ago and Nash will be moved. To where is anybodies guess but I have a strong feeling Sather is going to snag us someone. Be it Nash via trade, Parise via FA, or Ryan via trade. We for sure need someone to score some big goals and come up big in pressure situations. I would personally be down with adding without subtracting but if a deal can get done that makes sense and lands us a guy like Nash or Ryan then I'm all about it.

I'd like to think, btw, that Kreider will be our big goal scorer but putting our eggs in one basket probably isn't the best idea right now, but in the future he's going to be huge.

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