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Originally Posted by clayman View Post
Some of these are good reasons, but I really can't see chirping someone who has matching jersey and socks for pro teams. I have black gloves, pants and helmet but besides some practice jerseys have a Coyotes and Flyers jersey/socks combo with no logo, and a few others I've collected since the early 1970's, all with just my number.. My old game jerseys for teams I've played on with my name etc on stay in the closet. With jersey/socks combos I like they way they look and to me it's better then guys who try to look so much like they dont care, as in two different socks, different jersey and sometimes gloves that they look like morons! The guys who dress like there favorite player from head to toe and can't skate for ****, who frickin cares! They're doing what they love and if they can afford the cool stuff more power to them! With that said, would I? Not a chance, but I don't even wear a game jersey to pro games to represent. I'm pretty incognito and that's my taste.

I will admit some guys make me chuckle with there stuff but you can tell they're proud of it and themselves so who the heck am I to say I'm above it? I just smile and do what I do. In all my years playing as a kid to young adult, then as a player starting again at age 52 I have never been chirped. In fact when I joined this site I had never even heard the term and had to ask what the heck it was! lol..

Okay, one last thing before I climb off my soapbox... What's up with chirping someone for tying there laces around there ankles? Are you serious? lol.. Back when I started we did that as all skates were made of leather and it helped add to the rigidity. Chirpable??

One more one last thing... What's up with the huge debate about visors and cages? As a kid we only had helmets back in the day, nothing else. When I turned 18 I stopped wearing a helmet altogether. Hell, if it was good enough for Bobby Orr then why not! lol.. Now I choose to wear a cage, and really don't care what anyone thinks, I like my teeth and eyes where they are! lol..if someone wants to wear a bandana wrapped around they're face with a pasta strainer on there head, more power to them-it's there choice! Okay, that one might be chirpable!
If you dress in all pro team gear and you don't play for a pro team, you look like a dork, end of story. Wearing matching gear doesn't look bad, I have an old jersey from a team I played for and some Blackhawks colors socks to match, but I would never suit up in a full set of Blackhawks gear because it would look ridiculous.

Some of the people that are complaining about chirping just don't understand what it is. It's not like you go around to anyone who has weird gear and just berate them constantly. It's something you rib your teammates about or use to needle an insufferable plug. If a guy is just having fun and he happens to be wearing chrome skates and a mirrored visor, you leave him alone, maybe chuckle to yourself. If he's being a total ******** about things, then you hassle him.

Case in point: I played public hockey with a dude that had the colored inserts for his Reebok helmet. He was crying about someone "slashing" his hand, so I asked him if he picked the colors on his helmet to match his purse. Simple, yet effective at conveying the message that he needs to shut the hell up.

About the cages: most people don't give a damn. It's usually the people who wear cages that think anything else is reckless and stupid. I personally don't care what a person chooses to wear to protect their face. I wear a visor because I like the visibility and freedom it offers.

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